Carrying Ancestral Guilt

This isn’t an apology. An apology would be useless now if I do not also act to repay what is owed, or in some small measure make amends. This isn’t an indulgent confession. I do not expect forgiveness for the sins of my forebears, or how the massacre of the Americas granted me these many […]

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Finding Pagan Culture, Part Two

PART TWO: THE HOW   This post continues and elaborates the arguments started in Part One: The What and the clarifications made in the Disclaimed interlude. I hope that it can stand on its own, however, if you already sense the problem and are seeking possible solutions. As stated before, these are personal views and […]

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Finding Pagan Culture, Disclaimed

This whole post is a disclaimer, meant to clarify certain statements and intents that have arisen since writing Part One: The What. I consider it an interlude before Part Two, still forthcoming, to help keep its writing and message orderly. Since writing the previous post, I have received some slight push-back online and in personal […]

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Finding Pagan Culture, Part One

PART ONE: THE WHAT   DISCLAIMER: These thoughts are very personal, and often unspoken frustrations. While I happen to share them with a few others, they are by no means widely shared. Nor are they a critique of my interactions with you or of your own communities. For more details on this disclaimer, read the […]

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“What If It’s Already Too Late?”: Being an Activist in the Anthropocene

Originally posted on GODS & RADICALS:
“We’re f**ked. Now what?” From John Halstead I had a terrible thought recently … “What if it’s already too late?” Actually, this idea has been haunting me, hovering on the boundary between my conscious and unconscious mind, for some time. In 2016, Bill McKibben, founder of the climate activist…

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