Casting (Better) Circles

I hope this provides a boost for the traditional witchy circle casting and ritual. It does mean a fair bit more planning and preparation, usually right before the ritual itself, but it is something that could improve engagement for all participants.

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Making Peace with Extinction, Part Two

This post is the transcript to a sermon given on July 19, 2020 to the First Unitarian Church of Hobart at the request of friend, John Halstead. He read the previous post and asked me to participate in their Sunday service with a similar idea. Much was rewritten from the original, including the “future myth” […]


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The Goddess Here

Setting down a new spiritual root in the Land We Are connects us to a powerful current of the present moment. The soil, air, and waters nourish the spirit into new growth and health. One begins to move in step with the local environment and finally notice the little miracles of bird song, atmosphere, plants and fauna. Each become invitations to participate in the unfolding rebirth of life around you.

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