Taking it Seriously

I won’t lie. I’m cautiously optimistic and rather excited about the Paris Climate Conference now starting. The twenty-first such conference, it seems to bring political and private investment to the table, strong public awareness, and the recognition that we are facing a global crisis. Collectively. This comes at the same time that certain reports show […]

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On Being Thankful

It is officially Thanksgiving in the United States of America, and I am not particularly thankful. Perhaps that’s because of a warped idea of thankfulness, perhaps it’s because I’m “never satisfied” with the way things are. To say, I am thankful for my health, would admit that I have nothing to do with it. It […]

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Building Intention

I think we are all changed, in ways we can’t possibly predict now, after the horrendous attacks in Paris this past week. As usual, we have seen the rise of hatred and xenophobia, but also solidarity and a great outpouring of compassion. These are the defining aspects of terrorism, and that is our modern struggle. […]

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What Makes You Happy

I have just had a conversation with a dear friend of mine that circled the central issue of his current unhappiness and stress in his life. It was long and complicated and heated, kind of like talks between old friends can sometimes be. After much gab, we came to the conclusion that he cares too […]

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New Moon in Scorpio

No matter which astrologer you ask, this is a big deal. Not that I would put much stock in such an inexact art as astrology, but when so many signs are pointing in a certain direction, I’d be a fool not to see where it leads. Short version: Saturn is finally out of Scorpio’s hair, […]

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Not a leader, so what?

After years of quietly, patiently, holding out for a pagan community, everything’s in flux. Suddenly there are handfuls of folks interested, attending meetings, sharing brilliant ideas, and ready to work to reconnect. I do not claim to be a leader of this thing, but I seem to stand somewhere at the forefront: greeting and meeting […]

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What The Mummy Gave Me

I got most of my spiritual and academic interests from the 1999 movie, The Mummy.    Wish I could say otherwise. That movie is rife with cultural misappropriation, gross neglect for facts and an almost complete disregard for reality. But it was a fun movie and it gave me something I lacked. So let me […]

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