Not a leader, so what?

After years of quietly, patiently, holding out for a pagan community, everything’s in flux. Suddenly there are handfuls of folks interested, attending meetings, sharing brilliant ideas, and ready to work to reconnect. I do not claim to be a leader of this thing, but I seem to stand somewhere at the forefront: greeting and meeting folks with smiles and open arms, every now and then nudging ideas one way or another, following the ideals more closely than the details.

I have ever been the dreamer, young-at-heart. The idealist who believes everyone has good intentions.

That’s one thing that I am coming to grips with. People’s intentions, and the warnings about this person or that. I’m fully aware there are some egos out there and they’d love nothing but a nascent, fragile, and open community to dominate for their self-serving ways… But I gotta believe that the current running through this little movement has some good self-preservation instincts! That it will thrive! I do not like to think that anyone would ruin this precious little marvel so many of us have been waiting for.

So I’ve dedicated myself to being vigilant, taking the pulse of what community gathering around me and making sure destructive politicking doesn’t threaten what we’ve building. It’s in the groundwork I’m striving to communicate, the way we handle the public and each other, the culture I’m hoping to foster. No, it’s not the nitty gritty of running anything–that has never been my forté.

But perhaps my dedication is enough? I’m willing to confront much in myself and others if it means this seed blossoms.

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