Building Intention

I think we are all changed, in ways we can’t possibly predict now, after the horrendous attacks in Paris this past week. As usual, we have seen the rise of hatred and xenophobia, but also solidarity and a great outpouring of compassion. These are the defining aspects of terrorism, and that is our modern struggle. It behooves us to look more closely at ourselves and see what shape our gut feelings take, where our reactions would seek to lead us.

It leads me to seek hope in the multitude of human acts of selflessness and love. Despite the anger and the hatred–much of which is justified, but unjust–I see great examples of humanity everywhere. I see the helpers, as one wise mother would like to remind us:


But this isn’t a post merely about the attack on Paris or the resurgence of terrorism in our fragile world. I would have posted a lot sooner if it was simply that. I delayed, measured my own response, and was in some ways paralyzed because I didn’t know what to say. At times, I felt my position on direct military intervention shifting in favor of eradicating Daeth and all those responsible. Yet another quagmire in the Middle East.

But that is our leader’s dilemma and I hope they will possess the strength of character and wisdom to make the right choice on the matter.

This post is about intention, and how we must structure our reality in accordance to our Highest Will. There is a lot of occultist and mystical literature on the subject, and a great deal of it has bled into paganism. There is a recent book–The Secret–which has certainly fulfilled one author’s intention of wealth and recognition. Who knows, maybe it has helped folks. I found Rhonda Byrne’s writings, and the plethora of unnecessary accouterments that followed, to be self-serving crap… At first. But now I am beginning to reconsider.

Do we not manifest that which we hold in our minds? I don’t think it is a universal vending machine, and I am still not touching any of that tripe with anything other than derision. I will not participate in one person’s goal to make spirituality a commodity. But I begin to see what spiritual teachers everywhere have been referring to. Perhaps it’s the subconscious parts of our brains–our iceberg brains, with most of its processes hidden from consciousness–that lead small acts in the fulfillment of our deepest held truths and desires. Perhaps that is the only way a spell works and there’s no higher-dimensional mumbo-jumbo to reach for.

The question remains: What shall we manifest? What is our Highest Will? Is it fear and xenophobia, violence and destructive belief systems? Is it the hubris of believing for one second we know the mind of God, that our actions are aligned with His/Her Will? Is it perpetuating everything wrong that’s led us to this point?

Not for me. I intend a society that spans the world, erasing boundaries that would confine and exclude, confronting brutalities of thought and acts, finding justice and opportunity for all. It begins by believing we’re all one people, and thus the suffering of one should be the concern of all. It begins by acknowledging none of us possess the Final Answers, that they are Mysteries we cannot aspire to… Yet! Because one day, if we endure and if we nurture our vast human potential, we might yet answer one bit of it at a time.


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