Calling the Keepers

I have an image of the death of our great potential indelibly burned into my mind. A wasted land holds the broken people of a mighty civilization that spoke across the world in seconds without uttering a word, split the atom to devastating effect and tantalizing promise, and traveled the sky on chariots burning ancient sunlight. Their works are ruins now, reclaimed by an increasingly desiccated or tropical land. The last electronic device beeps its farewell into the void. The dream of civilization was eventually reduced to disappointment and the bitter work of mere survival. The dreamers perished, though some retreated into their most basic instincts, haunting remote wilderness with savagery and incomprehensible ravings.

This is our world if we do nothing and let the corrupt lead us.

I refuse to let this image of the future come to pass. Something must be done! If we dare call ourselves witches, magicians, Wiccan, druid, or shaman, then we must reclaim our ancient role in society and transform humanity’s relation with Nature. It will require a great deal of courage and endurance, it will test our commitment to the world and ourkind, but the alternative is destruction. Not in some distant decade or century, no. Things fall apart too quickly in our complex society and our systems may not withstand repeated failures.

Whatever happens in 2017, do not ignore the warnings that have been delivered this year. The gods and spirits have spoken loudly and clearly: the work of the future is now and we cannot waste a moment on self-doubt or daydreams. Every skill we’ve accumulated in our prolonged childhood must be brought to bear, every spell we’ve learned is now part of our arsenal. The navel-gazing pondering of the past suit us no longer; consider theory only in terms of application.

Perhaps we are not ready, but the world’s history will not wait. Even if the worst is avoided by January 20, the environment will still be in dire straits and the political will dangerously lacking. In your personal life, wear a mantle of protection and connect to the ancestral sources of power. In your relationships, find common ground with those that could help you build the future you envision. In society, never be afraid to speak up against injustice or stand up for what you believe in. In your faith, hold close to Nature around you and make passionate magick with the gods/spirits.

The process of becoming is slow and difficult. If our institutions have failed us so far, we bear the moral responsibility of creating new ones. If our leaders will not serve the public good, then we must transcend them. If the dream of a sustainable, equitable, peaceful future is thwarted, then we must fashion a new one from the clay and ashes.

We are called to be the Keepers of the Flame!

There is another vision that we could manifest in this world, filled with hope for all the inhabitants of the planet, including our species. It is a world that re-purposes the artifice of modernity to serve all our relations. Here the air and the waters are cleansed, skyscrapers host a web of vines and flowers that feed birds and insects alike. Here are special areas left sacrosanct for the regeneration of life, acknowledging that wild spaces are necessary for the continuity of the species and life as we know it. Schools take place outdoors and within a web grafted into the skein of the world; children learn first-hand what it means to be human in relation to blessed biodiversity of the planet. Public servants consider the effect of policies not just for the next seven generations of humans, but every creature that may be impacted. And people of all walks of life appreciate that we are not the only thinking/feeling minds, but merely one section of a grand symphony.

This paradisaical vision is attainable right now. If we had the courage to remove ourselves from the center of our daily drama, and learned to see our lives in a planetary scope… If we dared to put the interests of otter and manatee and dolphin first… If we believe the Earth comes first, not because we’re insignificant, but because we’re part of the Earth… Then our species will have truly inherited the world. That is the purpose of ourkind.

And if you don’t mind a plug, you are called to join the Pagan Environmental Alliance! Find us on Facebook by clicking here!

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