Seeking Strength

Today, the man who abdicated his position as “Leader of the Free World” through ignorance, ego, bigotry and despotism, dealt a serious blow to the world’s effort to combat climate change:


Today is also the start of hurricane season, forecast to be worse in every way, while the southeastern Florida coast expects yet more flooding events from King Tides in October. What could happen, if these two climate change powered events coincide, has already been taken into account by insurance agencies and economists. It isn’t hypothetical. Premiums and housing insecurity reflect this new reality, only now beginning to break into the consciousness of “the masses” (judging by recent Facebook posts from non-environmentally aware folks I’ve noticed).

What to do, then, when the government I maintain with my taxes refuses to represent my interests? How do I navigate the reality of climate change and corporate greed that writes me off for the sake of profit?

Truly, revolutionary feelings are not too far from my mind today. Looking back at the tensions in Boston and elsewhere that triggered the American Revolution, I wonder how things stand the way they do. It cannot be that we stand divided from block to block, city to city, and in every region of these “United” States. It is this disunity that scares me, for if the fight starts, there will be blood in every corner. It cannot be that we’re merely ignorant of the political process and what forces a free people might exert on their government. My generation has finally come of age and we’re among the highest educated.

We don’t have it bad enough yet. That’s it. As the Declaration states, “all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

So we lay in wait, pacified while our country slips further and further into tyranny. We hope that things will turn out better, because they always have and this time is no different. After all, are we not the same people that “moved the earth and heaven” mere decades ago? American exceptionalism will see us through this political quagmire. All we have to do is maintain the status quo, for even if it isn’t fair, our grandparents had it worse–Certainly?

I’ve become adept at separating the real activists from the Facebook yappers. One breaks the news and calls for action, the others respond as a herd with indistinct bleating. One shows up for this rally or that march in the punishing Florida heat, the other likes and comments on the pictures and videos hours later. The real activists I know–I am privilege to know a courageous, selfless, passionate few–are tiring of marching backward with fewer and fewer good news. The yappers make excuses–life is always busy when survival and liberty hang in the balance, ignored.

Above them all, Big Media whores for ratings in the airwaves, sometimes wading into the trenches and providing banal news reports. Pray they’re kind and sympathetic. Pray for fair coverage while we protest their Corporate Daddies.

The Black Snake won, or perhaps the battle isn’t over yet. This white boy can’t tell anymore. It is nothing like it used to be six months ago.

Sabal Trail will soon be completed, piping natural gas to prop up the industry that will sink Florida one day, tearing through protected wetlands and wildlife habitat.

Bear mothers and cubs can now be murdered in their dens. Trump’s kids pose with the carcass of the last few endangered species x or y. Wolves are being hunted again in Wyoming.

SB10 passed the House and Senate in Florida and was hailed a victory even as we sacrificed national park and wildlife protections across the state, leaving it all in the hands of Rick Scott’s cronies.

The Arctic will never recover again. It is doomed to become passable year-round, and then dwindle until polar bears are gone. Watch the region’s biodiversity collapse.

Several national parks–the pride of America the Beautiful and model for the world’s natural space conservation–are “under review” by Trump. What will we lose?

“… while all about it reel shadows of the indignant desert birds.” I can offer very little encouragement right now. I’m sorry. “I pray the [gods] my soul to keep.”

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