Seeing the Path

It hasn’t been a splendid year. I have see-sawed between inspired heights and turbulent lows, and even now it’s hard to tell what the sum total of 2017 will be like. There is much room for catastrophe, but I am also more prepared now than ever. At least now I can at least see the path, whereas I was lost in the wilderness before. The anxiety of being rudderless lessens once I can apprehend the year’s thesis.

Through trials and tribulations–many that we’ve shared as a people–it seems as if this unknown entity of Life has been asking one great question of me:

“How will you deal with disillusionment and frustration?”

I write this just in case you’re on the same road, or somewhere parallel. May this light serve you, as I hope it will serve me in the months to come.

Too early to trust myself to answer, I’ll focus on recapping the ideas that are emerging now, and will perhaps be fully born into the world by the year’s end:

  • I will re-evaluate my role among groups of people and ultimately decide to prioritize that which feeds my soul. Without spiritual fuel, I easily get paralyzed.
  • I will go beyond my comfort zone to find sources of inspiration. Staying fixed is staying stagnant.
  • I will reach back to my ancestors of flesh and spirit. I will trust their guidance.
  • I will take time to admire the Natural beauty all around me.
  • I will remember good friends are a mainline to sanity and joy. Give love and receive it.
  • I will stand proud in my identity–this unfurling morning glory at my heart.
  • I will accept that I cannot always succeed. I will bend with the whims of fate.


It is July 2017. How has your year been so far?


(I want to give a huge THANKS to Houston Cypress, Mathew Sydney, Jim Graf, Lore Brenier, and my Mother. You often take my turbulent indecision and spin them into golden advice.)

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