Waiting for the Light

There is desperate need in the Waiting Supplicants, knelt before the altar of the Vastness, lost in shadows. Darkest night passes above, around them–within–and seems to suffocate all hope. Beyond the cavern, the grunts and growls of hungry creatures claim the pre-dawn gloom. They pray, little more than whispers, but fervently alight with that hope borne of knowing there is nothing else beyond this moment. Death waits patiently in a corner.

It is worthless to recount how we got here, to this moment in history, because not all the movements of Fate are known to us. How we elected a tyrant and sat by with our excuses while he did all he promised–there was little mystery. The Beast spoke his blaspheme and so few stirred up to confront him. Not enough.

Very soon now the inexorable path of history will press upon the soft clay of possibilities the only future that can become present. Whether or not that is the worst of what could happen, or merely another mildly flavored injustice–irrelevant. All that happens now comes down to a single variable, a single moment:

How will you respond to tyranny?

Now comes the phantasmagoria of dreams and regrets, each dancing before their victim, enacting cruel scenarios fueled by fear. Some vanquish them, some don’t. Death stalks closer, scythe ready to reap those who’ve failed the test. A few gain a prize from the specters now turned to ephemeral allies. “We are your teachers and our lessons are acceptance and what is revealed within. Look now, what is revealed within?” 

I hope that you will stand up to tyranny.

Yes, you’ll be afraid and perhaps even alone, at first. May others see your courage and be inspired to join your stance. Or perhaps you will see the first, brave few standing up one day and suddenly hear the call to action resounding across the Land. Do not fear what could be–how many winters have you been through? How many harrowing tests have made you stronger? Every initiation into the World of Troubles has prepared you for this moment. Rise!

Regret will accomplish nothing, no matter how long you live with it. Fear will accomplish far less. Let there be love, like a shield and a blade in the darkness, feeding on those unbreakable bonds that sustain you with truth and light. Let the light embrace you, as it rises on this solstice morn, and know the death of ego:

This isn’t for you, it’s for the ones yet to come.
It’s for the ones that came before you.

Those who see come forward, then, lithe of step or creaking joints. They approach the mouth of the cavern and face Darkness, not as adversary, but as a mentor. “We are the strands of hope that couldn’t be severed. We are champions of the tribulations in the collective Dark. We are united by blood and spirit and struggle. We rise in power!” The tumult outside quiets, the dawn comes at last. Each threatening beast is vanquished. 

This isn’t a season like any other, and so a traditional observance will only ring hollow. We are indeed in trying times; each of us must find the balance necessary to maintain our personal integrity. I hope that we take a moment to look beyond each of our troubles, and embrace those around us in love and solidarity. Understand: It is the collective shadow of our society that we face now, that which has festered in the dark while we basked in one source of light or another.

But, there is only one Sun. Only one Earth.


We are a circle within a circle,
With no beginning and never-ending.

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