Making Divine Choices

I went to bed with the idea of doing a tarot reading on certain topics that have been plaguing me lately. (FYI, I used my favorite deck, which is the Night Sun Tarot and has earned the nick name “the Eviscerator” for its direct temperament. See images below.)


Two cards fell out while shuffling that directly addressed my question. In its characteristic form, the cards said: “Stop fucking around. Find security then daydream.” But there was a subtle indication in the second card telling me to “proceed” to the rest of the reading in an exploratory sort of manner. I usually do this by laying out more cards until the reading feels complete. (In this deck’s case, it is often an exclamation point type of card. It’s never soft and cuddly.)

The rest of the reading wasn’t for me alone, I felt, hence why I am sharing it here with anyone who’ll read this. In essence, the cards (the Fates, the gods, the spirits, whathaveyou) declared:

We gave you great gifts, but you persist on remaining in the “kiddie pool” of responsibility, the playhouse of wisdom, power and insight. WALK THE TALK or return what was given.

Take this as thou wilt, but I would like to focus on the central image of that spread, pictured above: the Wheel of Fortune. Please, do not mistake it for the la-di-da passage of time and the trite saying that sometimes you’re on top and sometimes you’re on the bottom. In the Night Sun Tarot, the wheel is mechanical and the human stand-ins are locked into the inner track of the Wheel. Our path is forged by iron links–unbreakable and inevitable. And yet, the mystery remains: at our ascendancy, we are each endowed by the Divine. We stand like the gods of a moment, of a single choice, of our entire lives.

We are all poised in that stance now, but the Wheel in this reading warns: not for long. Life awaits for no one and the wheel will always turn. Balanced on the precipice, the Powers-That-Be await for our choice to use the gifts given and “break the Wheel” (in the words of the Dragon Queen herself) or be broken by it.

All very cryptic, I suppose, but I know precisely what this means to me. It is a big message, and I hope you can read it as such, rather than banally applying it to petty life problems. When the Wheel shows up in your reading, perk up and pay attention. The world’s about to change and this might be the last chance you have of making a free choice.



The Wheel presented in the big banner image isn’t from the Night Sun Tarot. I found it online without any note as to where it came from. Please let me know if you recognize this deck! It looks amazing!

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