Finding Pagan Culture, Part Two

PART TWO: THE HOW   This post continues and elaborates the arguments started in Part One: The What and the clarifications made in the Disclaimed interlude. I hope that it can stand on its own, however, if you already sense the problem and are seeking possible solutions. As stated before, these are personal views and […]

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Finding Pagan Culture, Disclaimed

This whole post is a disclaimer, meant to clarify certain statements and intents that have arisen since writing Part One: The What. I consider it an interlude before Part Two, still forthcoming, to help keep its writing and message orderly. Since writing the previous post, I have received some slight push-back online and in personal […]

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Finding Pagan Culture, Part One

PART ONE: THE WHAT   DISCLAIMER: These thoughts are very personal, and often unspoken frustrations. While I happen to share them with a few others, they are by no means widely shared. Nor are they a critique of my interactions with you or of your own communities. For more details on this disclaimer, read the […]

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