Pagans, Answer This

When capitalism ends, what will you have left of your practice?

I ask this after listening to the latest Last Born in the Wilderness podcast featuring Rhyd Wildermuth, a rather well known pagan/druid in anarchist/Marxist circles. Along with others, he founded and maintains the amazing blogsite and publisher Gods & Radicals.

In the podcast, he and the host make a very insightful observation about the material culture of modern paganism. Essentially, it boils down to this: plastic fairy coins made with exploitative labor in Asian markets and crystals mined with collateral ecological damage. It brought to mind the many other trinkets we buy–sustaining the capitalist enterprise that would strip us of our personal power and destroying life on Earth.

It is good to be uncomfortable with the answer. Dig deeper roots into it. Probe at the scabs of half-healed wounds. Expose them, let them bleed out the infection of materialism.

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