Confessing the Wound

On Tuesday I voted for a fighting chance, but by the time I woke up Wednesday, it had turned into a rallying call. I read the news at 6 AM, and I was due at work soon after. Perhaps that is why I did not plunge into the waters of fear and despair that engulfed […]

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Learning to Shout

Read this closely, it’s not what you’re used to hearing: We are not merely spirits in a body. It makes no sense whatsoever to rely entirely on “otherworldly” senses to make sense of the world, or merely spiritual acts like prayer, when our house is burning to the ground. And it is.The only planet we’ve […]

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The sudden passing away of a community elder last week was a devastating blow to many folks I knew. I may not have known her for long, or as well as the priestesses she taught and nurtured, but those times I spent with her were invaluable. She was kind and honest, a real person tempered […]

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Love is a Blade

When I was first coming up with my personal philosophies–my own Zen, if you will–I had great trouble with embracing the idea of love. Can’t say I’m much of a Romantic, either literally or philosophically, and I fully understand that love isn’t as wonderful as many besotted people would like to claim it is. Love […]

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It’s About Love

I’m not sure this is the right way of thinking about it–appealing to emotions rather than reason–but the good reasons for preserving our environment hasn’t had the impact hoped for. Perhaps it is time to appeal to “the better angels of our nature.” We live in a world almost entirely disconnected from the image above, […]

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Taking it Seriously

I won’t lie. I’m cautiously optimistic and rather excited about the Paris Climate Conference now starting. The twenty-first such conference, it seems to bring political and private investment to the table, strong public awareness, and the recognition that we are facing a global crisis. Collectively. This comes at the same time that certain reports show […]

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Building Intention

I think we are all changed, in ways we can’t possibly predict now, after the horrendous attacks in Paris this past week. As usual, we have seen the rise of hatred and xenophobia, but also solidarity and a great outpouring of compassion. These are the defining aspects of terrorism, and that is our modern struggle. […]

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